Seminar with Karolina Westlund

The 7 Core Emotions

We are pleased to announce that Karolina Westlund is coming to PowerDog!

Karolina, from ILLIS Animal Behaviour Consulting, has a phD in Ethology, and her focus is improving welfare, striving to help animals achieve higher net happiness. Karolina teaches animal professionals as well as engaged pet owners.

Karolina will take us through the 7 Core Emotions and let us know how we can achieve a better relationship with our pets. She will also discuss how emotional states may impact our dogs' behaviour during competition.

"The issue of animal feelings is controversial, to say the least. For me, the study of affective neuroscience has brought my understanding of animal behaviour to a new level. This branch of science helped me prioritize –which behaviours are important? Practically speaking, it might have to do with reducing or eliminating fear or the risk of defensive aggression, or encouraging play opportunities – vital for brain development!" says Karolina Westlund.
Managing emotions is not about coddling animals. Rather, understanding emotions ensures that our dogs develop social skills, including good relationships to humans. During this 1-day seminar, Karolina will give ideas to help avoid that our dogs get too easily stressed or frightened, and ensure that they develop stable, outgoing and confident personalities.

This a 1-day seminar without dogs. The seminar is in English. 

Location: Ledreborg alle 50, 4000 Roskilde. Free parking and possible for wheelchairs to attend.

Date: 11. November 2018 kl. 10-17.00